An Interview Is an Opportunity for Connection










The best interviews are those that appear to be conversations between the interviewer and the subject. In the past, celebrities like Barbara Walters and Charlie Rose, Mike Wallace and Oprah Winfrey became famous and infamous for the ways they engaged their subjects. They spoke to powerful people and asked difficult questions. Theirs were not puff pieces.

When it comes to publishing an interview online readers want more then a simple question and answer session. This is where the art of the conversation comes in. This is also where adding multimedia elements like excellent photographs, Twitter embeds, Facebook Posts, videos and other content can make for a memorable and dynamic presence on the Internet and for a publication.


Pictures tell us stories, images do note. An image is singular, disposable, forgettable. A picture is an entryway into a life, an epic, or a history. In advertising, the difference between a picture and an image is what separates a memorable message from one that flies way from our visualscape almost as quickly as it appeared. A picture is a composition of elements in a plane, of colors and shapes, light and dark. A picture may be a work of art but it is always a story.



Interviewology was launched in 2017 and remains one of the most exclusive online publications dedicated to interviews of celebrities, leaders in business and top professionals in the arts and humanities. Interviewology is an original publication of The Sophia Group and is advertising-free



Interviewology is the official Interview site of The Sophia Group. At interviewology we combine profiles of A-List celebrities, global personalities and everyday heroes with interviews of business professionals and personalities in the arts. Interviewology offers its readers a focused and multimedia approach to learning about today’s leaders in thought, business and culture. 

Our interview of Patrick Moore, Director of the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, is but one example of an exclusive profile of one of the top professionals in contemporary culture. 


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