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The press releases is one of the oldest forms of marketing in the written word. In the world of the Internet, the online profusion of content means a press release must stand out in order to be read, remembered and referred to. For a news release to be relevant it must offer readers something new. A quality digital press release includes embeds of social media feeds, a Google Map, a company logo, contact information (phone, email, web, social media) and even a quote as well as a narrative that tells a story behind the entity announcing an event or a product launch. 

For professionals in the world of law, finance, or healthcare a press release is also an opportunity to make a statement about one’s practice or firm while maintaining a place in both the public eye and the search engines. 


Sophia Press Releases, the official press release publication of The Sophia Group provides permanent placement for all of its publications. Unlike many free and paid services online (Look them up) Sophia Press Releases announcements, articles and posts are permanent and are never deleted. This means that when a company or an individual publishes an announcement on Sophia Press Releases, that article will forever be a part of their online profile when their company name or personal name is searched on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search entities. This presents our clients with a major advantage over their competitors since Sophia Press Release articles are generally on the first page of results for every relevant keyword in the release. 

Sophia Press Releases


Sophia Press Releases was launched in 2015 as the official Press Release Website of The Sophia Group. Today it is one of the richest and most popular press release sites on the Web.

Sophia Press Releases offers readers a dynamic way to learn about news and events in the business world, the arts, and in the world of personalities.


Eldercare Photo for a Recent Press Release, Courtesy of Apollo Theou, 2020


Sophia Press Releases recently published an announcement for Mark Shalloway, an eldercare and estate law attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida. The release announced a series free online legal seminars Mr. Shalloway offers potential clients as a way to offer free consultations for questions regarding the funding of care for elderly or disabled loves, inheritance taxes, trusts, and other related issues.

This press release contains many elements of multimedia marketing including relevant photographs, a quote from a client, contact information and links to relevant pages on Mr. Shalloway’s website. The ensuing publication will be featured on all future Google and other search engine queries related to elder care attorneys and Mr. Shalloway.


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