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largegroundpaletteThe Sophia Companies: Built on Wisdom and Achievement

The Sophia Group is a conglomeration of a unique vision that fuses wisdom with achievement in a business philosophy.  Consisting of Mediasophia, Legalsophia, Sophiastar, Beautysophia and Sophia Web Design.

State-of-the-Art Portfolios

The Sophia Group makes up a state-of-the-art conglomerate of internet marketing agencies whose portfolios consist of A-List celebrities, International Corporations, and professionals in Law, Medicine, Television and many other fields.

Multi-Media Marketing Success

The Sophia Group boasts a sterling network of hundreds of websites, blogs, review sites, social media accounts and many other invaluable forms of real estate on the Web. Because of these investments we are able to seamlessly integrate our campaigns into pre-existing and pre-ranked Web content that gives our clientele an enormous advantage over their competitors.

These websites cross over into all major industries and include strategic alliances with major television and print media companies for maximum exposure both online and in the tangible Mediasphere.

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